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xx The VIP Team 

688 S Milledge Ave
Athens, GA, 30605

Our VIP Unlimited bands our handcrafted and created by survivors of domestic violence. From Athens, GA to Los Angeles, CA we seek to give women hope, courage and funds to begin anew. These daring and courageous women in search of the American Dream our are VIP team.  

Our VIP’s are trained and paid to make each band while residing in a healing and safe environment. Typically, the women are unable to earn funds while residing at a shelter.  VIP unlimited revolutionizes the system be bringing the training, materials and jobs to the shelter.

The tranquil, healing environment allows our VIP’s to create the ponytail ties, cuffs and headbands at their leisure. Since they’re paid per band, the quantity they create and the funds they secure are within their power and control.

White Silver-Tipped Snakeskin

Ponytail Cuffs

White Silver-Tipped Snakeskin

white silvertip snake.JPG
white silvertip snake.JPG

White Silver-Tipped Snakeskin

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